6 Week End of Year Close Out Challenge

The end of the year is approaching and you're feeling a little overwhelmed thinking about trying to get everything organized and packed up for the summer. I hope this 6-week close-out challenge will help! 

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You can get started as soon as you want, or wait for my emails each week to give you a reminder! 

Let's walk through each step: 

  • Week 1: Files - Physical and digital cleanup. 
Computer & Filing Cabinet: Throw out old meeting notes, shred unnecessary paperwork, keep important data and work samples-send other student work home, delete downloads, make a new file on the computer for next year. 

  • Week 2: ELAR - Restore, Fix, re-create, pack up, and reflect on your English Language Arts materials. 
Restore, Fix, re-create, pack up, and reflect on your English Language Arts materials.

  • Week 3: MATH - Same as ELAR, but with math!
Same as ELAR, but with math!

  • Week 4: ESY & Transition
Prep for your students going to ESY. Also, prepare any students moving to new grade levels. 

  • Week 5: Science / Social Studies:
Copy what you did for ELAR and Math. Then all your content areas will be complete!

  • Week 6:  General and Structure:
Tackle those common areas. Clean, organize, and toss broken or unused supplies. The last steps to packing your room are the decor and physical structure.

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