SCB's Overview

Hey educators, support staff, parents, and anyone else that wants to learn about setting up a self-contained class. I’m Michelle, I’m a native Texan and teach near San Antonio, Texas. 

I also create screen-printed tees at Shelly Creates It and share teacher resources for TpT, blog, and YouTube at Oh So I have been teaching in an adaptive learning environment for 9 years. My students have various needs, also classified as low-incidence disabilities. 

In the Self-Contained Basics course, I will walk you through my 9 steps to prepare for a self-contained special education classroom. These have been compiled from various training sessions I’ve attended and nearly a decade of experience in a life skills unit. 

We discuss all aspects of running a specialized unit with clear examples and materials to get you started. 

This is perfect for new or seasoned teachers, paras, related services, and parents. 

Don’t miss these extras for each step: links to blogs, videos, and other educator resources.

To get everything in one easy-to-access place, there is a free bundle download listed below, but if you want all the resources included in one easy location - grab the paid bundle. 

Also, you can collaborate with other educators in our Facebook group. You can also sign up for weekly tips and tricks delivered directly to your inbox:


We will be starting July 6, 2022, and focusing on a topic a week through the first week of September. If you join late, no problem! The Facebook group, videos on YouTube, and my blog posts will all be accessible to go back and review what you’ve missed 

Only need a topic or 2? That’s fine, join in on the weeks you need, download that section of the course you need, and get help where you need it. That’s what makes this perfect for seasoned educators too. I know, after 9 years, there are aspects of this job that have become rusty. Also, I’m hoping to have an annual course each year, so if you miss the full course in 2022, join us in 2023! 

Lastly, since I am located in Texas, we will be addressing the TEKS curriculum in step 6. Not in Texas? No problem! You can still generalize the information to the Core Curriculum and lesson planning for your students. 

Ready to get started!? Here are the first 3 things you can do to get ready: 

  1. Join the FB group

  2. Download the SCB Bundle

    1. paid(includes all products and resources) or 

    2. free(includes links to all products and resources)

  3. Sign up for weekly emails for the 9-week course

Would you rather listen/watch instead of reading this blog? Watch the video version here:

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